Too Busy to Find Senior Executive Jobs? Here’s How



Finding senior executive jobs is always time consuming and stressful. Junior or specialist job boards can easily be found on many job posting platforms. 

However, executive job boards are far more difficult to find, especially when it comes to a C-suite level or senior executive jobs in education & health services, financial services, etc.

Research has shown that most employers don’t advertise their executive jobs and 51% of executive searches are conducted confidentially. To approach this hidden jobs market, here are some job searching strategies that you should follow.


Find Executive Recruiters (Executive Headhunters) on LinkedIn

Hiring a senior executive position means finding a candidate with a rare mix of skills and knowledge. Additionally, candidates for these positions needs justifying about culture fit, ambition and emotional intelligence. HR managers therefore need recruitment experts with wide network in different specializations to find them the best candidate. This is why most C-suite level and senior executive jobs are not advertised online.

To land these jobs, the easiest way is to have executive recruiters in your industry to find suitable roles for you. It begins with a sparkling Linkedin profile as your online professional presence. Let’s start with:

  • A professional profile picture
  • Filling in your current and past experience. (Do not make recruiters feel like you are a yearly job-hoper. Experience at well-known companies are more likely to be respected.)
  • Filling in your skills, certificates and education history as most updated as possible.
  • Utilize the summary section to make yourself outstanding from the crowd.

Tips: Optimize your Linkedin profile with main keywords to make yourself appear in recruiters’ searches more often. 


Use your network 

Experts have proved that over 60% of senior manager candidates lands a job by reaching out to their network. The only requirement for this strategy is that you need to be specific about your expectation in the new role. 

It would be better a have a discussion with them about how your profile matches with the roles they introduce. This process takes time depending on the market demand, so be patient and keep in touch well with your connections.

Tips: Do not reach the entire network in one go. In meanwhile, stagger your profile and tailor your pitch.


Contact executive search firms 

Executive search firms often have long-standing relationships with their clients and actively search for high qualified candidates in various industries, especially to fill senior management roles or those requiring special skill set. 

Executive search firms will also be responsible for and professional in advising the role that matches your expertise, experience and personality the most. Executive recruiters from executive search firms will get you well prepared to land your role sweetly with special interview techniques.


How RGF can help you find senior executive jobs in Vietnam

Work with us for your next career move and we will ensure that your job search is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. At the same time we will help you identify the best opportunities that meet both your career and personal goals.

Specialist consultants

Our consultants are functional specialists and are experts in their fields. We understand what you do and know the market trends. In turn, we will be able to represent you best to secure an interview. This also ensures more precise matching and gives us the ability to advise you on your future career development and market value.

Creating opportunities

Our consultants have strong networks and connections with leading companies in the market and can introduce you to a large number of opportunities. Many of the roles on which we work are exclusive to RGF and are not known by other agencies nor advertised elsewhere. We create opportunities through our thorough understanding of your experience and skills, and our deep knowledge of the market. With a strong regional footprint and long-lasting relationship with leading multinational companies, we also can introduce you to further opening opportunities abroad, especially at a senior level.

Interview advice

We prefer to meet you in person to get to know you and understand your goals, motivations and aspirations in order for us to best represent you with opportunities that match your expectations.

We conduct interviews based on industry best practice. Through these interviews, we can give constructive feedback on interview techniques to help you prepare well for your next interviews. Each client has slightly different techniques and styles. We know them well and in most cases, have partnered with them for many years. We understand their business as well as their culture, people and requirements, enabling us to give you the best tips to increase your chances of success.


Salary discussion is always a sensitive conversation and you need to make sure to handle it properly. Setting your expectation too high runs the risk of losing the opportunity. Conversely, setting it too low prevents you from achieving your true market value. We, as an independent third party, can give you professional advice as well as handling the negotiations on your behalf. This will ensure that you land the job successfully and get the compensation package that you deserve.